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Spell : Ferocity XIII

Ferocity XIII

Target: Self
Range: 100.0
Resist: Unresistable
Casting: Instant
Duration: 1h (600 ticks)
Dispellable: No
Restriction: Out of Combat

Slot 1: Increase Chance to Double Attack by 21%
Slot 2: Increase Min All offensive skills Damage by 225%
Slot 3: Increase Chance to Triple Attack by 40%
Items with this effect/focus

Name Class
Archon's Phlogiston Greaves CLR
Blood Cinder Greaves SHD
Cobalt-Reinforced Greaves WAR
Deathseeker's Dragonbrood Leggings BST
Deathseeker's Exarch Greaves PAL
Deathseeker's Illuminator Greaves CLR
Deathseeker's Legionnaire Greaves WAR
Deathseeker's Lifewalker Leggings DRU
Deathseeker's Loremaster Greaves BRD
Deathseeker's Natureward Leggings RNG
Deathseeker's Shadowscale Leggings ROG
Deathseeker's Soulforge Leggings MNK
Deathseeker's Soulrender Greaves SHD
Deathseeker's Spiritwalker Leggings SHM
Deathseeker's Warmonger Leggings BER
Deceiver's Phlogiston Leggings ROG
Deepwater Encrusted Greaves PAL
Donal's Leggings of Grieving CLR
Dread Suzerain's Phlogiston Greaves SHD
Etched Zraxthril Leggings WAR CLR PAL SHD BRD
Feral Lord's Phlogiston Leggings BST
Forest Stalker's Phlogiston Leggings RNG
Fury's Phlogiston Leggings BER
Heavenly Glorious Void Dragonbrood Leggings BST
Heavenly Glorious Void Exarch Greaves PAL
Heavenly Glorious Void Illuminator Greaves CLR
Heavenly Glorious Void Legionnaire Greaves WAR
Heavenly Glorious Void Loremaster Greaves BRD
Heavenly Glorious Void Natureward Leggings RNG
Heavenly Glorious Void Shadowscale Leggings ROG
Heavenly Glorious Void Soulforge Leggings MNK
Heavenly Glorious Void Soulrender Greaves SHD
Heavenly Glorious Void Spiritwalker Leggings SHM
Heavenly Glorious Void Warmonger Leggings BER
Hoarfrost Dragonbrood Leggings BST
Hoarfrost Exarch Greaves PAL
Hoarfrost Illuminator Greaves CLR
Hoarfrost Legionnaire Greaves WAR
Hoarfrost Loremaster Greaves BRD
Hoarfrost Natureward Leggings RNG
Hoarfrost Shadowscale Leggings ROG
Hoarfrost Soulforge Leggings MNK
Hoarfrost Soulrender Greaves SHD
Hoarfrost Spiritwalker Leggings SHM
Hoarfrost Warmonger Leggings BER
Ice Woven Dragonbrood Leggings BST
Ice Woven Exarch Greaves PAL
Ice Woven Illuminator Greaves CLR
Ice Woven Legionnaire Greaves WAR
Ice Woven Loremaster Greaves BRD
Ice Woven Natureward Leggings RNG
Ice Woven Shadowscale Leggings ROG
Ice Woven Soulforge Leggings MNK
Ice Woven Soulrender Greaves SHD
Ice Woven Spiritwalker Leggings SHM
Ice Woven Warmonger Leggings BER
Jaundiced Ossified Greaves SHM
Leggings of the Whistling Fists MNK
Leggings of Wrathfulness BER
Luclinite Coagulated Dragonbrood Leggings BST
Luclinite Coagulated Exarch Greaves PAL
Luclinite Coagulated Illuminator Greaves CLR
Luclinite Coagulated Legionnaire Greaves WAR
Luclinite Coagulated Loremaster Greaves BRD
Luclinite Coagulated Natureward Leggings RNG
Luclinite Coagulated Shadowscale Leggings ROG
Luclinite Coagulated Soulforge Leggings MNK
Luclinite Coagulated Soulrender Greaves SHD
Luclinite Coagulated Spiritwalker Leggings SHM
Luclinite Coagulated Warmonger Leggings BER
Maestro's Phlogiston Greaves BRD
Mrylokar's Insidious Greaves ROG
Overlord's Phlogiston Greaves WAR
Prophet's Phlogiston Leggings SHM
Scaleborn Dragonbrood Leggings BST
Scaleborn Exarch Greaves PAL
Scaleborn Illuminator Greaves CLR
Scaleborn Legionnaire Greaves WAR
Scaleborn Loremaster Greaves BRD
Scaleborn Natureward Leggings RNG
Scaleborn Shadowscale Leggings ROG
Scaleborn Soulforge Leggings MNK
Scaleborn Soulrender Greaves SHD
Scaleborn Spiritwalker Leggings SHM
Scaleborn Warmonger Leggings BER
Spellsung Steel Greaves BRD
Suzerain Protector's Phlogiston Greaves PAL
Tolan's Brightwood Greaves RNG
Transcendent's Phlogiston Leggings MNK
Veiled Victorious Horizon Dragonbrood Leggings BST
Veiled Victorious Horizon Exarch Greaves PAL
Veiled Victorious Horizon Illuminator Greaves CLR
Veiled Victorious Horizon Legionnaire Greaves WAR
Veiled Victorious Horizon Loremaster Greaves BRD
Veiled Victorious Horizon Natureward Leggings RNG
Veiled Victorious Horizon Shadowscale Leggings ROG
Veiled Victorious Horizon Soulforge Leggings MNK
Veiled Victorious Horizon Soulrender Greaves SHD
Veiled Victorious Horizon Spiritwalker Leggings SHM
Veiled Victorious Horizon Warmonger Leggings BER
Velazul's Dragonbrood Leggings BST
Velazul's Exarch Greaves PAL
Velazul's Illuminator Greaves CLR
Velazul's Legionnaire Greaves WAR
Velazul's Lifewalker Leggings DRU
Velazul's Loremaster Greaves BRD
Velazul's Natureward Leggings RNG
Velazul's Shadowscale Leggings ROG
Velazul's Soulforge Leggings MNK
Velazul's Soulrender Greaves SHD
Velazul's Spiritwalker Leggings SHM
Velazul's Warmonger Leggings BER
Velium Empowered Dragonbrood Leggings BST
Velium Empowered Exarch Greaves PAL
Velium Empowered Illuminator Greaves CLR
Velium Empowered Legionnaire Greaves WAR
Velium Empowered Loremaster Greaves BRD
Velium Empowered Natureward Leggings RNG
Velium Empowered Shadowscale Leggings ROG
Velium Empowered Soulforge Leggings MNK
Velium Empowered Soulrender Greaves SHD
Velium Empowered Spiritwalker Leggings SHM
Velium Empowered Warmonger Leggings BER
Velium Endowed Dragonbrood Leggings BST
Velium Endowed Exarch Greaves PAL
Velium Endowed Illuminator Greaves CLR
Velium Endowed Legionnaire Greaves WAR
Velium Endowed Loremaster Greaves BRD
Velium Endowed Natureward Leggings RNG
Velium Endowed Shadowscale Leggings ROG
Velium Endowed Soulforge Leggings MNK
Velium Endowed Soulrender Greaves SHD
Velium Endowed Spiritwalker Leggings SHM
Velium Endowed Warmonger Leggings BER
Waning Gibbous Dragonbrood Leggings BST
Waning Gibbous Exarch Greaves PAL
Waning Gibbous Illuminator Greaves CLR
Waning Gibbous Legionnaire Greaves WAR
Waning Gibbous Loremaster Greaves BRD
Waning Gibbous Natureward Leggings RNG
Waning Gibbous Shadowscale Leggings ROG
Waning Gibbous Soulforge Leggings MNK
Waning Gibbous Soulrender Greaves SHD
Waning Gibbous Spiritwalker Leggings SHM
Waning Gibbous Warmonger Leggings BER
Wilderness Lord's Trousers BST
Spell summary
 Id : 21467