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Spell : Illusionary Spikes VIII

Illusionary Spikes VIII

Target: Self
Resist: Unresistable
Casting: Instant
Duration: 120h (72000 ticks)
Dispellable: No
Restriction: Out of Combat

Illusionary spikes sprout from your armor.

Slot 1: Increase Damage Shield by 65

When cast on you Illusionary spikes sprout from your armor.
When it wears off The illusionary spikes fade away.

Items with this effect/focus

Name Class
Arch Lich Sorcerer's Cloak ALL
Archon's Cloak of the Umbra ALL
Arcing Lightning Cloak ALL
Beast King's Cloak PAL RNG SHD BRD BST
Blackguard's Hooded Drape ALL
Cape of Crud WAR MNK ROG BER
Cape of Life's Domain CLR PAL RNG DRU SHM BST
Cape of the Gaudy Minstrel ALL
Cloak of Burning Rage ALL
Cloak of Darkwater ALL
Cloak of Enchanted Spikes ALL
Cloak of Eyes ALL
Cloak of Inner Flame ALL
Cloak of the Burning Soul ALL
Cloak of the Ethernere ALL
Cloak of the Ethernere's Touch ALL
Cloak of Virulence ALL
Dirty Leather Drape ALL
Divine Thunder Cloak ALL
Flame Keeper's Ceremonial Cape ALL
Flowing Leather Drape ALL
Gelden's Cape ALL
Giant's Fuzzy Coat ALL
Glimmering Cloak of Ro ALL
Glittering Spellcloak ALL
Innoruuk's Cloak of Hatred ALL
Javis' Cloak ALL
Johan's Coral Covered Cloak ALL
Lich's Wrap ALL
Neriak Dreadguard Cape ALL
Oklaric's Hide ALL
Roon's Tunic ALL
Rumbling Thunder Cloak ALL
Scaled Cloak of Fire ALL
Shifting Wind Cloak ALL
Shoon's Hide Poncho ALL
Stolen Traveler's Cloak ALL
Stormguard Cloak ALL
Storm Serpent's Cloak ALL
Tattered Scarecrow Cape ALL
Tattered Scarecrow Cloak ALL
Torishal's Shadow ALL
Waterlogged Wrap ALL
Spell summary
 Id : 30600