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Spell : Detrimental Range 35 L100

Detrimental Range 35 L100

Target: Self
Range: 100.0
Resist: Unresistable
Casting: Instant
Duration: 3h15m (1950 ticks)
Dispellable: No
Restriction: Out of Combat

Slot 1: Increase Spell Range by 35%
Slot 2: Limit Max Level: 100 (lose 5% per level)
Slot 3: Limit Type: Exclude Procs
Slot 4: Limit Type: Detrimental
Items with this effect/focus

Name Class
Active Flame Mask ALL
Adorned Mask of the Hatchling ALL
Ancient Pirate's Eyepatch ALL
Anonymous Shroud ALL
Apt Disguise of Tormenting Reach ALL
Aspect of the Enraged Drake ALL
Bloodspirit Veil ALL
Bonemask of Loss ALL
Bone Mask of Lucid Acrimony ALL
Chandrok's Mask of Warfare ALL
Cunning Opera Mask of the Baritone ALL
Dragonbone Mask of Zeixshi-Kar WAR PAL SHD
Elaborate Pyrite Mask ALL
Elegist's Bloodstone Eyepatch ALL
Eyepatch of the Bandit ALL
Eyes of the Prime Healer ALL
Fabulous Mask ALL
Fibrous Blindfold of Resentful Frenzy ALL
Firebreather's Goggles ALL
Footpad's Mask ALL
Fringed Mask of the Night ALL
Gaze of the Gladiator ALL
Glaring Visage of the Ruler ALL
Gloomscale Mask ALL
Golden Mask of the Sunrise ALL
Grelleth's Royal Mask ALL
King's Vengeful Scowl ALL
Livewood Mask WAR PAL SHD
Mask of Fall ALL
Mask of Feral Scorn ALL
Mask of Terror CLR DRU SHM
Mask of the Cyclops ALL
Mask of the Nimble Mind ALL
Mask of the Phantasm ALL
Mask of Ulrich ALL
Misleading Visage ALL
Punctured Faceguard ALL
Scaled Guise ALL
Scorched Chitin Faceguard WAR PAL SHD
Scowling Mask ALL
Shemagh of Sagacity ALL
Silent Veil ALL
Simple Cloth Facewrap ALL
Sky Watcher's Monocle ALL
Smiling Porcelain Mask ALL
Spittu, Vexing Face Mask of Obstinance ALL
Stalwart Aversion Mask ALL
Stare of the Endless Plain ALL
Steel Visor of Determination ALL
Steel Visor of Malice WAR PAL SHD
Velium Veil ALL
Visage of Hatred WAR PAL SHD
Xorbb's Resolution of Vengeance ALL
Zurel's Battle Mask ALL
Spell summary
 Id : 33168