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Spell : Prismatic Ward XXI

Prismatic Ward XXI

Target: Self
Resist: Unresistable
Casting: Instant
Duration: 27m (270 ticks)
Dispellable: No
Restriction: Out of Combat

Remove the covering from the power source and activate it.

Slot 1: Increase All Resists by 90
Slot 2: Increase AC by 525

When cast on you You are protected by a prismatic ward.
When cast on other Someone is surrounded by a prismatic ward.
When it wears off Your ward fades.

Items with this effect/focus

Name Class
Catabolic Essence ALL
Imperial Messenger RNG
Infinite Protective Vapor Orb ALL
Poignant Pestulator WAR PAL RNG SHD ROG
Talisman of Emollious ALL
Totem of the High Bokon ALL
Spell summary
 Id : 41879