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Spell : Hand of Holy Wrath VI

Hand of Holy Wrath VI

Target: Single
Range: 100.0
Resist: Magic -300
Casting: Instant
Recourse: HandOfHolyWrathVRecourse
Restriction: Out of Combat

Deals 4800 damage, casts *$2%n, which restores *$24800 mana, and recourses *%R%N, which heals your group for #%R4800.

Slot 1: Decrease Current HP by 4800
Slot 2: Cast: Alleviating Burst XIII

When cast on other Someone is crushed by the Hand of the Gods.

Items with this effect/focus

Name Class
Ascending Sun Mace CLR DRU SHM
Sun's Golden Orb CLR DRU SHM
Spell summary
 Id : 45931