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Spell : Expanding Mind XXII

Expanding Mind XXII

Target: Self
Resist: Unresistable
Casting: Instant
Duration: 36m (360 ticks)
Dispellable: No
Restriction: Out of Combat

Your thoughts become quicker.

Slot 1: Increase Max Mana by 2200

When cast on you Your thoughts become quicker.
When cast on other Someone's thoughts become quicker.
When it wears off Your thoughts lose momentum.

Items with this effect/focus

Name Class
Athletic Ascending Sun Belt ALL
Athletic Ice Encrusted Belt ALL
Belt of the Emerald Lord ALL
Chain Linked Drive Belt ALL
Dynamometric Timing Chain ALL
Elegant Winds Sash ALL
Fire Hardened Leather Belt ALL
Fleet Ascending Sun Belt ALL
Fleet Ice Encrusted Belt ALL
Girdle of the Heart's Torrent ALL
Hot Iron Band ALL
Ingenious Ascending Sun Belt ALL
Ingenious Ice Encrusted Belt ALL
Lost Gypsy Belt ALL
Quick Ascending Sun Belt ALL
Quick Ice Encrusted Belt ALL
Savvy Ascending Sun Belt ALL
Savvy Ice Encrusted Belt ALL
Unending Movement of the Elements ALL
Vital Ascending Sun Belt ALL
Vital Ice Encrusted Belt ALL
Spell summary
 Id : 45961