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Spell : Spike of Anger

Spike of Anger

Target: Single
Range: 300.0
Resist: Magic -200
Casting: Instant
Restriction: Out of Combat

You are struck by anger.

Slot 1: Decrease Current HP by 7260
Slot 2: Increase Hate by 48400
Slot 3: Unknown Effect: 455 Base=1|0 Max=0 Calc=100 Value=1

When cast on you You are struck by anger.
When cast on other Someone is struck by anger.

Items with this effect/focus

Name Class
Air Powered Blade of Repulsion WAR
Ascending Sun War Sword WAR
Basirt's Moonpiercer WAR
Behemoth's Jeweled Encrusted Sword WAR
Blade of Sathir WAR
Bloodlaced Blade WAR
Bloodmaw's Axe of Misery WAR
Blood-Soaked Broadsword WAR
Bonds Control Severing Blade WAR
Broadsword of Nautical Twilight WAR
Burnished Wurmscale Aegis WAR PAL SHD BRD
Commanding Blade WAR
Conflagrant War Sword WAR
Crystallized Shadow Axe WAR
Edge of Madness WAR
Ego Channeler WAR
Fanglory WAR
Heartsplitter WAR
Ice Encrusted War Axe WAR
Kitlaa's War Blade WAR
Krinza, Sarnak Bite WAR
Luclinite Coagulated Broadsword WAR
Luclinite Ensanguined Broadsword WAR
Moss-Crusted Axe WAR
Phlogiston War Sword WAR
Secret Dawn War Sword WAR
Sharpened Angle Brace WAR
Velium Endowed Broadsword WAR
Velium Enhanced War Axe WAR
Velium Infused War Axe WAR
Velium Threaded Broadsword WAR
Warmaster Dusk Sword WAR
War-Scarred Sword of Sorrow WAR
Spell summary
 Id : 46873