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Spell : Adrenaline Surge

Adrenaline Surge

Class: DRU(75)
Mana: 981
Target: Single
Range: 200.0
Resist: Unresistable
Casting: 1.80s, Recast: 15s, Timer: 2
Restriction: Out of Combat

Mends severe wounds, healing between 3439 and 3439 damage of your target with a chance to provide a ward of nature that will absorb a portion of incoming damage.

Slot 1: Increase Current HP by 3439
Slot 2: Cast: Adrenaline Surge Effect Chance: 30%

When cast on you A burst of adrenaline surges through you.
When cast on other Someone is bolstered by a surge of adrenaline.

Spell summary
 Id : 9941