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Register: 5/4/01
Posted: 11/23/07, 5:16 PM

The Everquest game module for Magelo Update has been patched to work with the latest Everquest client version. At this point, we don't handle yet new AAs effects or the heroic items. We are working on it and we will keep you posted of the progress asap !

Try to let Magelo Update running in the background if you happen to own the new expansion as it will help to gather drop information quicker.

Thanks in advance for your contribution !
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Posted: 11/24/07, 1:25 AM

Please delete

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Posted: 11/24/07, 3:59 AM

The level still only shows 75 instead of 80
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Posted: 11/24/07, 4:39 AM


have updated my warriors profile.

1.) still level 75 shown instead of 76
2.) item graphics from new items missing (have 2 new tradeskill earrings)

Profile: http://eq.magelo.com/profile/1253594

Katran <Magna Charta>
Bristlebroke aeh bane

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Posted: 11/24/07, 4:59 AM

Try running it again, there was a small glitch with the updater but it should be fixed now.

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Posted: 11/24/07, 6:08 AM

The updater loads ok, but I cannot select my character. Therefore when I hit Sync it tells me I have to select a toon first. But there is no checkbox or selector next to the character name. Premium is definitely enabled
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Posted: 11/24/07, 6:32 AM

Similar issue.

For "known characters," magelo shows them as "status unknown, Magelo update is waiting for server information about this character"

Accounts I do not have bound to this magelo account are showing up just fine, though.
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Posted: 11/24/07, 8:30 AM

Same here, I can sync my level 75 SK or my level 40 shaman just fine but not my level 79 cleric - says "Magelo Update is waiting for server information about this character."
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Posted: 11/24/07, 12:43 PM

I am getting the same with my lvl 78 Druid. I don't sync since I'm not a premium member, but I export to file a lot.

Moklianne -Magelo
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Posted: 11/24/07, 12:45 PM

Yes, i too am having the 'select character isse' but mine also shows no game slots in use, either.
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Posted: 11/24/07, 2:55 PM

I can run the updater, it show it succesfully synch's the character but still show level 75.

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Register: 1/27/04
Posted: 11/24/07, 3:34 PM

I let Jelan know that some still have no check box, and that the website is still showing only 75 even though the updater is showing the correct level.

Waiting on an update.

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Posted: 11/25/07, 3:53 AM

Stat cap increases are also not showing up. My ranger shows 415 max for all stats, but with the new level 80 it should show as 440 for max stats (which mine all are).
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Posted: 11/25/07, 11:15 AM

Why would they put up a patch when they knew if they even tested it on one level 80 charecter that it was bugged and not working? I would have rather they waited instead of releasing a bugged patch.
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Posted: 11/25/07, 11:53 AM

Just to comfirm, stats (hp/AC/end and such) not updating correct... level not updating correctly....effects (stun/sheilding and such) seem to be updating correctly... AAs do not seem to be updating correctly.