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Posted: 5/3/21 2:41 AM

Since at least March 2021, possibly before, items looted from an NPC via the Advanced Loot window /advl do not update their drop count on an NPC as observed by Magelo Sync.

But if you choose "Leave item" from advanced-loot and use the right-click-corpse original loot method, then Magelo Sync detects the name of the NPC being looted and updates the loot-count of the item from that NPC.

This was observed by a fellow player who had Magelo Sync running during a split-group "raid" in an LDoN instance.

For example:

" Part One of the Startup Code" (Part One of the Startup Code) has no observed drops on Magelo as of the time of this post, even though the fellow player in the raid-group was running Magelo Sync when their own character looted it from "Gorgo the Jailer" (Gorgo the Jailer). Magelo Sync was running on the same computer as that character.

I found a few bug report threads from a few years ago showing similar type of issues with looted item counts not always updating from the advanced loot window. I list them here for reference in case it helps to track down what may be going on.





Thank you for looking into this..