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Posted: 8/15/08, 8:57 PM

Here's my leet sig, with now probably some of the only stats that actually match my stats in game, thanks magelo crew!


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Posted: 8/16/08, 6:58 PM


What's up, Tony? Long time no see.~

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Posted: 8/17/08, 4:34 PM

Very Nice Feature here!

aaaaaaaaaaand test

The Gnomelord!
Arrta Myrdhyn
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Posted: 8/20/08, 12:03 AM

The signature will be created and updated automatically when you sync your character.
The signature is smart – anytime you update your profile, the statistics change (if any) will be immediately reflected in your signatures, wherever they have been posted.

Broken, I have to edit my sig here and then save, even if I change nothing, for it to update.

Post your signature in your favorite forums or in your website using the appropriate codes.

Seems to be broken with BB Code: BB Code is not seeing the " http://eq.sig.magelo.com/218054" as a valid image on my guilds forum. The result is that I get a link called http://eq.sig.magelo.com/218054 but pointing to my profile as my sig instead. HTML code is working fine.

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Posted: 8/20/08, 6:58 AM

Hi Arrta Myrdhyn,

We are aware of the current issues and we are are working on them, thank you
Right now, about the BB Code, you can add a ".png" at the end of the URL and it should works fine.
We will push soon an update on the website!
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Posted: 8/20/08, 3:04 PM

This is awesome. Thank you for the hard work in creating these.

The one thing I find to be missing, is that they don't have your in game title on the sig.

It would be nice to have my Expert Artisan; and soon to be Master Artisan (only 12 points of archery away), on my sig, especially for the Eqtraders website.

I would also like to see a bit more customizing on these.
1. Number of stat boxes
2. Location of each type of text/stat boxes
3. Ability to uplaod your own custom background (Then I could use a Photoshop edited screenshot of my own character)
4. Additional box of custom text
5. Title and suffix displayed
6. Ability to have 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, and/or 2.5 icon boxes (like many other sigs have)

This last one may be hard to add.
7. The abilty to have up to 3 account's mains all merged into one sig for multi-boxers. I only ask for this because you do allow 3 accounts per Magelo premium service to be kept updated and I have all three of my mains on my Magelo premium account.

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Posted: 8/20/08, 4:14 PM

The color pallet to choose font color is buggy; box sometimes shows, sometimes must hit screen refresh and have mouse hover over spot where it should show. Also when I am able to click on it to expand it, I do not see any colors... like java loaded the basic popup window but not the filler of colors. I had to take stabs in the dark clicking randomly on the pallet, save, see what I got, edit, lather, rinse, repeat. I was looking for green and didnt make a lucky click to find it.

Sig mechanics are a great start and need a lil tweaking is all. Would also love ability to link to my own sig background... long as it meets size criteria should be no different than background images we can link for the profile.

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Posted: 8/25/08, 7:41 PM

once again you show us why your sevice is far superior to any others out there i thank you for this and i know you will have the update thing fixed soon as you can thank you and thanks for keeping us up to date as to what is happening
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Posted: 8/29/08, 9:03 AM

The issue I explained having 2 posts above was resolved by simply using Mozilla as a web browser as opposed to IE6 and IE7. Something in IE consistently shows any profile page with whited out areas.

Thanks for adding ability to web link to an external pic.

Xaust Polution ~ 80 Shadow Knight (alt) and Lord Ingvie Nordloch ~ 80 Shaman (box)