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Posted: 12/4/06, 10:15 AM

Why not have a separate thread for each classes suggestions - this is going to get very convoluted as a thread in general.
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Posted: 12/5/06, 3:25 AM

I certainly agree with Moklianne's listing of Aura of Life, I forgot that one in my list.

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Posted: 12/5/06, 9:46 AM

||Monk Level||Discipline
||74|Clawstrikers Flurry Rk. II or Rk. III
||70|Master's Aura
||69|Dragon Fang
||61|Leopard Claw
||55|Disciple's Aura

That's it for monks, the rest are bought with plat and readily available or pretty much rarely used or bugged last I knew.

On a related note, any chance of you all bothering to have Magelo ignore all of those disciplines that were Never added as they were part of the alledged "Opening System"? For those curious about my calling it alledged, I consider it to have been a test run for the similiar EQ2 "heroic opportunities" as well as testing out the power of the various abilities before they gave most of them to the zerkers when GoD launched.
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Posted: 12/5/06, 11:19 AM

Aldius said:
Level 75
Voice of Intuition Rk. II/III
Hastening of Elowind Rk. II/III

Level 74
Legion of Alendar Rk. II/III

Level 73
deleted-Seer's Intuition Rk. II/III-deleted
Polychromatic Assault Rk. II/III

Level 72
Echo of Tashan Rk. II
Bewilderment Rk. II/III
deleted-Speed of Ellowind Rk. II/III-deleted

Level 71
Fractured Consciousness Rk. II
deleted-Illusion Drakkin of Draton'ra-deleted

Level 70
deleted-Ancient Neurosis-deleted
deleted-Ancient Voice of Muram-deleted
deleted-Hastening of Salik-deleted
Illusionist's Aura
Mana Flare
deleted-Voice of Clairvoyance-deleted
deleted-Ward of Bedazzlement-deleted

Level 69
deleted-Colored Chaos-deleted
Rune of Rikkukin

I would make the above changes to Aldius' list. For the below listed reasons.

As of the new level cap
  • Color Chaos and Ancient Voice of Muram are not effective in new content due to level caps.
  • Ward of Bedazzlement is replaced in teh spell book by Ward of Bewilderment
  • Voice of Clarivoyance and Hastening of Salik are irrelevent with new TSS buffs
  • Ancient Neurosisis very interchangeable with the new TSS nuke and really not needed.
  • Illusion Drakkin of Draton'ra has no game effect at all, is simply eye candy.
  • Speed of Ellowind and Seer's Intuition I would leave off because using single target isn't needed with group versions. Not that they are useless, but if you have the group version that is way more important

In addition I would add
  • Level 75 Ward of Bewilderment as it replaced the old Ward of Bedazzlement
  • Level 75 Dyn'leth's Whispers Rk. II as it is the new Charm
  • Level 52 Scryer's Trespass +50 mana per tick 90 sec out of every 180 sec is WAY to good to leave off.

falgurana said:
Two more for Enchanters:
Level 44 Leviathan Eyes
deleted-Level 52 Illusion: Guktan -deleted

I agree Leviathan eyes is very important spell but Illusion:Guktan has no game impact what so ever. Again Eye candy. Neat to have but not NEEDED in anyway shape or form.

I guess in MY opinion listing everythign just becasue it is a quest isn't needed when talking abotu KEY spells.

In MY opinion we should stick with the ones that effect how you do your job for your group/raid. The fluff simply clutters up the point of having a quick reference.
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Posted: 12/6/06, 1:10 PM


For the most part I agree with Sol, with the following comments:

While important, I don't see the 71 - 75 spells as 'quested & class defining.' I would list none of them for any class. The delta between Rk: 1 and Rk:3 is simply not enough to matter, and any ranger that cannot find the spell merchant shouldn't be grouping, let alone raiding.

I think the following do meet the criteria:
  • Nature's Balance (Rune turn in)
  • Call of Lightning (Ditto)
  • -100 Chromo snare (DoN 65.2)
  • Hail of Arrows (DoD 68)
  • Warder's Wrath (DoD 69)
  • Elddar's Grasp (Skylance 3)

None of these get superceded by store bought spells, and all are difficult to obtain (hard enough that I don't have several of them).

Personally I also use frequently the 64 LDoN wolf form that works indoors, and would consider it for inclusion.
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Posted: 12/6/06, 1:43 PM

Hmm. I seem to be on a different page from most of the posters here... I was startled to see that most of you want partial lists of high level spells based on some sort of value judgment.

I see Magelo as a useful tool for players and characters of all levels, with a wide variety of needs and purposes.

I would like to see a list of all spells available for a class, ordered by level, with those actually possesed by the character clearly marked or highlighted.

You could annotate each spell to say how it is obtained: vendor, drop, quest, etc. For added value, either provide a link to Alla or make your own database to make it easy to check on details of both spell function and method of acquisition.

You could flag those spells in the list that by consensus are important, or "class defining", if that's what people want.

With such a scrollable list, it would be easy enough for, say, recruitment officers or guild leaders, to check on any particular spells they are interested in.

But I could also use it to see what I'm missing on my 45 druid alt that I haven't played for a while, or to notice that I really should roll on that ancient rune the next time it drops in Anguish.

Many of us mostly want to know quickly what is missing, at any level. Why not provide the whole list? Just make sure it is a list of real spells that are actually obtainable in game and usable by the character... filtering out the other junk listings would in itself be a good value add.

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Posted: 12/6/06, 2:19 PM

I don't think that any vendorable spell should appear on this list.

It should be assumed that all raiders should have all purchasable spells that may be of importance.

From a raid and casual perspective, the only spells anyone needs to know about a Magician having are the following:

|Raging Servant|You aren't a mage without this spell
|Summon Orb|You aren't a mage without this spell
|Summon Molten Orb|Progression indicator
|Iceflame Guard|Progression indicator
|Summon Wintry Paradox Rk. II|Duty assignment
|Summon Wintry Paradox Rk. III|Duty assignment
|Malosinise Rk. II|Duty assignment
|Malosinise Rk. III|Duty assignment
|Rathe's Strength|Duty assignment
|Burning Aura|Duty assignment
|Call of the Hero|Duty assignment
|Mala|Duty assignment
|Summon Sphere of Air|Duty assignment & Casual interest
|Summon Elemental Armaments|Duty assignment & Casual interest
|Summon Muzzle of Mowcha|Duty assignment & Casual interest
|Summon Plate of the Elements|Casual interest
|Imbue Fire|Casual interest
|Imbue Water|Casual interest
|Imbue Air|Casual interest
|Imbue Earth|Casual interest

Rank 2 and rank 3 dps and utility spells are nice to know for spell distribution, but are not needed in any list here for functionality on a raid or in a casual setting.

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Posted: 12/13/06, 1:56 PM

For enchanters:
Leaving out rk i works on the premise that everyone has bought all of their spells. I have encountered enchanters that have not bought rank i of spells I consider crucial (i.e. group alendar for a raiding enchanter). Also, not all encs/guilds that raid are high end, so I would include all mezzes and haste/mind candy buffs down to level 60. I don't have time to submit a list right now because I am on my way out the door, but will do so after raiding tonight..

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Posted: 12/13/06, 9:14 PM

One thing I notice is that the rk II spells are now listed - but the rk III's are not.

Which is all very well, but... I got all the Rk III's so now all that stuff is listed as missing.
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Posted: 12/16/06, 7:00 AM

Just list all spells not bought on vendors like you did before. Thats the easiest way I think and I'd like it for quick reference on my toons.
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Posted: 12/17/06, 3:22 PM

Cleric Spells:

Level 75:
Armor of the Sacred II
Elushar's Mark II/III
Hand of Tenacity II/III
Elixir of Redemption II
Rallied Aegis of Vie II

Level 74:
Mark of the Martyr II/III
Tectonic Quake II/III
Shared Purity II/III
Expunge Corruption II/III
Silent Decree II

Level 73:
Resist Corruption II
Aegis of Vie II
Sacred Light II/III
Sound of Zeal II
Promised Renewal II/III

Level 72:
Tenacity II
Sacred Elixir II/III
Reproval II/III
Aura of Purpose II
Ward of Reprisal II

Level 71:
Cure Corruption II/III
Rectitude II
Sacred Remedy II/III
Symbol of Elushar II
Awestruck II
Vow of Valor II/III

Level 70:
Ancient Hallowed Light
Aura of the Pious
Desperate Renewal

Level 69:

Level 60:
Divine Intervention

Level 54:
Remove Greater Curse

Level 51:
Pure Blood

Level 45:
Blessing of Temperance

Level 40:

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Posted: 12/18/06, 4:53 AM

Well, it seems that several use cases arises on the spellbook utility in a profile, and it would be difficult to have a single approach that would satisfy everyone’s expectations.

That is why, at the light of what has been discussed here, we will re-introduce the complete spellbook but in bit more intelligent and easy to use way from what we had before.

The feature is schedule for the next December update. Thanks to everyone who participated to this round table, and see you on the next one!


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